Forest Health

The main objective of this working group is to investigate the implementation and optimization of technology on forest biological control of certain diseases such as the chestnut blight or defoliator fungus of Douglas fir.

Forest pathogens are a growing threat for our forests. An increasingly globalized world and free market have facilitated the movement of vegetal material with human interest and therefore associated with the entry of new pathogens. New entry of pathogens, involve health problems and furthermore could have negative effects on economy, ecology and society into the forest sector.It is therefore achallenge toavoidintroducing neworganismsandcombat them. Then, the best option to deal with this problem is to improve the study and knowledge of pathogenic microorganisms, and the relations established between hosts.

Forest health working line objectives are:

Projects and obtained products of this working line are available on the following links:


Obtained products

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